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Verified PayPal business accounts for accepting international payments on your website

Verified PayPal business accounts for accepting international payments on your website

PayPal is the largest international payment system

To accept payments on your site, you will need a business PayPal account.
PayPal is an electronic payment processing system through which individuals and legal entities can accept online payments, transfer money, and open accounts in any currency.

For customers, a PayPal account works as an electronic wallet that allows them to pay for products and services online.

To accept payments on your site, you will need a business PayPal account

Why is it difficult to connect and stably accept payments with PayPal?

PayPal is a safe and convenient payment solution for your customers. However, it entails certain difficulties in the process of account registration and accepting first payments.
When interacting with PayPal support, you will lose a lot of time (from several weeks to months) while your account will be frozen until the problem is resolved. And there is no guarantee that this time will not be wasted.
Poor-quality work of customer support
If you do not know how to correctly work with your PayPal account, and your account raises even minimal suspicion, you may be deprived of the opportunity to perform basic payment transactions — your account will be blocked for a period of 180 days.
Permanent holds / blocking of PayPal account
To open a PayPal business account, you need to provide a number of documents, including the business information data of the individual entrepreneur or legal entity, as well as the personal data of the owner or representative of the organization.
Confirmation of individual entrepreneurship
The optimal solution for accepting payments with PayPal.
We will provide a trusted PayPal account for business (already verified for a company) completed with all documents and detailed working instructions.

The optimal solution for accepting payments with PayPal

GCTransfer will save you from problems with accepting payments and provide extensive instructions on how to work with your account. The manual will allow you to avoid providing any documents and IDs, as well as protect against unreasonable blocking, freezing funds and loss of time due to ineffective work of PayPal customer support.

Benefits of PayPal for online business

Boost your website conversion rate by offering your customers easy and convenient payment method
No need to enter bank card details when making purchases on the website. The client pays for the product /service from his PayPal wallet.
Quick order
PayPal provides a high level of transaction security for buyers and sellers through an advanced anti-fraud system.
High level
of security
Buyers can transfer money in any of the 25 currencies accepted byPayPal payment system.
Acceptance of international payments
The opportunity to pay with PayPal boosts the conversion rate, due to the high level of trust of the buyers.
Increase in website conversion

Who can benefit from a verified Paypal account?

A corporate PayPal account makes it possible to conduct full-fledged international commercial activities online.
Верифицированный аккаунт PayPal для онлайн-бизнеса.
Other online businesses
Верифицированный аккаунт PayPal для Ebay и Amazon.
Amazon and Ebay sellers
Online stores
Верифицированный аккаунт PayPal для интернет-магазина.
Верифицированный аккаунт PayPal для оказания digital-услуг.
Digital agencies and online schools

GCTransfer – a reliable seller of PayPal accounts all over the world

Only trusted, verified business PayPal accounts
Real documents of a foreign legal entity in a complete set
The probability of a limitation is reduced to a minimum due to detailed instructions on how to work with the account
We give a 72 hours guarantee for the account if all instructions have been followed

Buy and get a trusted PayPal account in just a few minutes!

Get access in minutes
Instant issuance of login data, documents and detailed working instructions.
Pay for the plan you have chosen in a way that is convenient for you.
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Safety instructions
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Set of supporting documents
72 hours guarantee
Safety instructions
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Full access to the account
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Connect Paypal for stable acceptance of international payments

It is as simple as possible to buy a business account and connect Paypal without registering a legal entity.
Connect Paypal for stable acceptance of international payments online
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Frequently asked questions

How is the process of transferring access to an account going?
Immediately after payment in your personal account, you will see the data for logging into the PayPal account, as well as documents and detailed instructions for work. Only you will have full access to your account.
What if my account gets blocked?
The accounts we provide are highly trusted by PayPal. The account can be blocked for several reasons, depending only on you. All these points are spelled out in the instructions, the observance of which by 99% excludes the probability of limitation. All accounts are guaranteed for the first 72 hours.
What should I do if PayPal requires me to upload documents?
All information about the account, including the necessary documents, will be available in the personal account.
Do you provide an assurance for the account?
Yes, we give a 72 hours guarantee if the instructions are followed.
How to withdraw funds from a PayPal account?
You can withdraw funds to other e-wallets or link an account with a European bank (not all banks are suitable, you can also purchase an account from us). The details of this issue can be found in the instructions. support For any additional questions, you can contact us via Telegram @GCTransferSupport.
What is PayPal's commission?
The transaction fee depends on many factors and averages 3.5%

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